Click here to view the mission report from our May 2016 mission to Haiti.

The Flint congregation has always been active in mission work both foreign and domestic.  Seeing the extreme need in Haiti with the opportunity for personal involvement, the elders recently increased our commitment and focused our efforts on that field mission field.  Whether working directly on site with the orphans, committing funded for much needed facilities, gathering resources for special needs, or making personal gifts through Pam Jenkin’s Rubies youth work, our efforts come under the leadership of James Satterfield.

We continue to support individual mission initiatives as need arises.


While our work in Antigua is considered short term, the relationship between our churches and the church there is anything but short term. In fact, only one word describes it fully: family. Over the past 20 years, this relationship has been nurtured and cherished. We work in conjunction with the Villa Church of Christ in St. John's. This is a self supporting congregation with elders and deacons in place. Each summer, a group goes and conducts a VBS, does service projects, and most importantly encourages the members (especially the youth). In return, we are blessed beyond measure. This is true for the ones who only go one time, and is multiplied over for those who are able to return again and again. The support by this congregation, as well as other congregations and many individuals, enables the young people who go on this trip to be a life-changer, while at the same time having their own life changed. May God continue to bless this work.