About Us

About Us

The Flint Church of Christ is a body of the Lord's people in Decatur, AL.  We strive to please God through obedience to His word. There are no gimmicks, subjective interpretations or submitting to cultural pressures when it comes to the revealed truth in the word of God (John 17:17).  The Bible is our sole authority in matters of salvation, worship, and living. If you are struggling in your life, the Bible has the answer. If you are confused because of the varied religious mixed messages you are hearing, the Bible can give you clarity. Come and be a part of a congregation that loves God and loves one another.

Flint is convenient to many nearby communities including Decatur, Hartselle, and Trinity.  Our congregation is uniquely strengthened by members from different towns and communities.  Our incredibly close-knit youth group is made up of kids from many surrounding school systems as well as many home-schooled students.  This diversity helps strengthen our church family and brings together different people from different areas who might otherwise have never met.  Flint is a great place to be!

Flint is growing!  In August 2014, we moved into a new auditorium.  In November 2014, we completed renovating our original building.  This added a larger fellowship area and additional class rooms.

We are proud to be the only Church of Christ in the Decatur area to offer a Sunday AM early service.  If you are unable to attend our regular worship service due to travel or work schedule, feel free to join us at 6:15 AM for our early service.  We lift up our voices in song, have a devotional lesson and observe the Lord's Supper.

Flint cares about those in our community with disabilities.  We offer special devices for hearing assistance and have a sign-language interpreter at every service.

Our Bible class program is second to none!  We have outstanding classes for all ages.  We also incorporate technology into our classrooms to aid in the learning process.  All classrooms have the capability to enhance learning through the use of PowerPoint and other audio and video tools.  Wireless Internet is available throughout the building for Bible apps running on tablets and mobile devices.

Flint offers a unique program for our shut-ins.  Realizing that many of our older members do not have Internet access, Flint offers telephone dial-in access to all of our services.  All that's required is a plain, old telephone!  We want our shut-ins to feel as if they are part of our services.  This feature is freely available to our members.

Our services are streamed live on the Internet.  You can choose to listen to the audio stream only or view the video stream.

To learn more about Flint, download our brochure.