Dispatch #1 Intro to Sailing Galilee

Dispatch #1 Intro to Sailing Galilee

Welcome Flint Travelers!

This Dispatch serves as an introduction to our next Tour-

Sailing Galilee. So put away those walking sticks and brush

up on your port and starboard! As we sail around

the Sea of Galilee we will be learning about modern day

life in the Galilee region while visiting areas of Biblical

importance. Let’s begin by looking at

The Sea, Our Boat and The Tour.  

The Sea.

On the other side of the world there is a great geological

Fault that begins in Syria, goes south through Israel,

dives through the Red Sea, resurfacing in Africa, finally

ending in the Zambezi River Valley in Mozambique. This is

called the Great Rift Valley and is the deepest rift valley

on earth.  The Sea of Galilee, as well as the Dead Sea, both

are in this valley with the Jordan River running north to

south, connecting the two.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest Sea on earth and the Sea of

Galilee is the largest body of fresh water in Israel. These

two lakes are the lowest lying lakes in the world…with The Dead

Sea being the lowest salt water lake and the Sea of Galilee

being the lowest freshwater lake!


The Sea of Galilee is only 13 miles long and 8 miles wide.

It has an area of 64 square miles. That is very close to

our own Pickwick Lake. And like our Pickwick Lake,

the Sea of Galilee has always been a great place to catch fish!

The Boat.

The story of our boat begins in 1986-with two fishermen,

who were also brothers, walking the north west shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Their names are Moshe and Yuval Lufan and they are

avid amateur archaeologists who have always dreamed of finding

an old boat in the waters their family had fished for generations.

The entire area had been in a long drought making the water low.

The two brothers came across a boat buried in mud on the shore.

They reported the find to authorities who examined the boat

and realized what an important find the brothers had made.

It took 12 days to excavate the boat from the mud. This was done

in secret to prevent thieves from stealing the valuable find.

Pottery from the boat dates it from 50 BC. The boat had been

repaired many times over the decades… until finally

it was sunk into the mud where it was found by the two brothers.

The boats we sail on this Tour are based on a computer model

of the boat found by the two brothers.

(Note: like our virtual tour, the boats are virtual as well)

There has been at least one real full scale model of the boat built,

So you may be able to sail in one for real one day!

The Tour begins soon...

We will be based in the old town of Tiberias on Galilees’ western shore.

We will be casting off for our first trip in just a few days…

So all you Flint Travelers-

 See you in Tiberias ready to sail!